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All inclousive tourist pack

A unique and unforgettable day

Option of a full day

Approx length.: 5 h. including a complete tasting

Personalized and exclusive visits. Private tours.

Option of shorter day

Approx length.: 3 h. without tasting.

Personalized and exclusive visits. Private tours.

“We explain the entire process of the elaboration of oil from farm to table.”

If you decide to come to Masía Can Viver during your visit to Barcelona, it is because you like to discover what is outside the big cities, the way people live, the authenticity of the people, their regions, traditions, culture, personality as well as their unique and special hospitality.

We invite you to enjoy a private and exclusive tour where you will take a trip to the past and learn about some of the ancient generations of our family. But you can also discover the secrets of our great passion: producing a maximum quality olive oil which, in 2017, earned us the badge of 3 stars (Exceptional Quality) from the prestigious private organization of Chef’s and Sommeliers International Taste & Quality Institute of Brussels.

Our objective is that you take home the memory of an exclusive, unique and unforgettable experience.

  1. Welcome and start of the day at 10.00 h
  2. Visit and walk through the olive grove
  3. Protocols of elaboration
  4. Visit to the mill and how it works
  5. Learn to taste oil in order to understand its quality
  6. Historical and family visit
  7. Gastronomic and Olive oil tasting
  8. End of visit

Telephone: +34 682 771 816

Tasting the oil from the year’s harvest

All the visits include an oil tasting from the current year’s production along with tapas.

Arbequina and Vera from Vallés

Our oils received the Certification of Exceptional Quality
in the International Taste & Quality Institute iTQi in both 2017 and 2018.

Carrer Can Carreras,
08415 Bigues i Riells
Barcelona, España.
Contact: Rosa María Pérez de Viver
Telephone: +34 682 771 816

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