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How to make a premium oil

Length: 2 h

Groups of 8 to 40 pax

Prices adapted to each group

In this Oil experience, you will discover the process of elaboration of a EVOO, as well as other interesting facts about premium extra virgin oil.

Only 30 km from Barcelona and accompanied by the nearby breeze from our dear Mediterranean Sea, the stroll through the olive grove is always a different, unique and relaxing experience. While the path crunches beneath our feet, we hear the chirping of the birds and the continuous coming and going of an infinity of small insects, we are able to understand that in the fields, nothing is a coincidence and everything follows a mystical and natural order.

  1. The olive tree in the ancient past and its importance as a sacred tree.
  2. The maintenance of the olive grove to get healthy, fresh and ecological fruit.
  3. The importance of the elaboration processes.
  4. Olive oil = extra virgin?
  5. Truths and myths about olive oil.
  6. Importance of olive oil as the foundation of the Mediterranean diet.
  7. Benefits of the consumption of olive oil for our health.

Telephone: +34 682 771 816

Tasting the oil from the year’s harvest

All the visits include an oil tasting from the current year’s production along with tapas.

Arbequina and Vera from Vallés

Our oils received the Certification of Exceptional Quality
in the International Taste & Quality Institute iTQi in both 2017 and 2018.

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08415 Bigues i Riells
Barcelona, España.
Contact: Rosa María Pérez de Viver
Telephone: +34 682 771 816

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