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Olive picking

An exclusive experience that you’ll never forget

Experience during the month of October, reservation required

“A day to live the experience of the olive harvest.”

The rhythm of the seasons marks the land and fruit from its core. Pine and oak trees cover the landscape of our dear Valles Oriental. And almost hidden but not absent are the small olive groves. The cold nights and warm days cradle the deserving rest of the winter. The moderate temperatures of spring stimulate the start of the great awakening. The extreme heat of summer torments and strengthens growth. And in autumn, wonderful autumn, we pick the green, bitter and spicy prized fruit that will become liquid gold. The prize of any meal.

  1. Start of the day at 9a.m.
  2. Introductions and brief explanation of the picking protocol.
  3. We start working.
  4. Snack at 11.00a.m.
  5. We go back to the fields.
  6. Lunch at 2p.m.
  7. The more daring continue until 5p.m.
  8. End of the day

Telephone: +34 682 771 816

Tasting the oil from the year’s harvest

All the visits include an oil tasting from the current year’s production along with tapas.

Arbequina and Vera from Vallés

Our oils received the Certification of Exceptional Quality
in the International Taste & Quality Institute iTQi in both 2017 and 2018.

Carrer Can Carreras,
08415 Bigues i Riells
Barcelona, España.
Contact: Rosa María Pérez de Viver
Telephone: +34 682 771 816

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